Do I need to have an artistic background to be a good tattoo artist?

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You don’t necessarily have to be a good artist to be a good tattoo artist. We absolutely believe that having artistic talent will give you a great advantage when creating your custom design for your client, or help you with the execution of your tattoo which is obviously extremely important. But not having the ability to create a masterpiece, doesn’t mean you can’t have a prosperous career in the trade. Tattooing today is not all about picture perfect portraits and gorgeous landscapes. In fact, the majority of clients today who want tattoos are often requesting basic designs like names, lettering, and simple shapes with basic outlines and color shading. Now of course an artistically talented artist can turn a clients basic design into that artistic masterpiece we are referring to, but on the other hand, sometimes that’s just not necessary. Either way, there is an absolute need for both types in this industry. As far as talent vs. education is concerned, artists are improving their skill levels everyday which really proves the point that great artistry can be learned through a good education, and it’s not just that you’re talented by birth. But then again, we like to think that it all comes from the grace of the man upstairs, but we can discuss that some other time.